Becoming Multilingual Me - Now on Substrack!

Becoming Multilingual Me - Now on Substrack!

Hello fellow nerds! My name is Sam and I will be your host for this blog entitled Becoming Multilingual Me. My aim is to build a community of language learners, polyglots and nerds of all categories! Look for my posts weekly on Thursdays. 

It's all about the journey...

I was born in the vibrant American southwest (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and started my multilingual journey early in life with both English and Spanish. My obsession for languages and cultures was hardly quenched and I eagerly took American Sign Language (ASL) and French courses. Upon completing my biochemistry degree at the University of New Mexico, I started the not-so-easy career of teaching chemistry in other countries and languages (French and Portuguese). Unfortunately, my aspirations were temporarily halted when the Ebola epidemic forced my evacuation from Guinea in 2014. Undeterred, I found a new opportunity teaching chemistry in Mozambique. Currently I'm working in the hematopathology at a prestigious hospital balancing both my love for languages and science.

Mounting frustration with well-known language-learning platforms...

In the summer of 2022, my father died suddenly from a heartache leaving me the sole caretaker of my disabled brother. By the age of 33 I had lost both my parents and the mounting stress of caring for my brother was overwhelming (while also working full-time in the healthcare field). Struggling to find healthier coping mechanisms - I began journaling religiously. There was one problem: I was losing the languages I had fought to attain. 

A more personalized approach.

I restarted the harassment campaign of the infamous owl and other platforms, but I wasn't learning new words and I felt like I was still losing the languages even with daily practice. Worse, I wasn't able to really think in my target languages because I wasn't learning the distinctive words that are unique to my life. I kept thinking to myself: "There's got to be a better way!"

The birth of an entrepreneur.

A moment of honesty - I started my company with no clue what I wanted to do with it. I had no products, no business plan and no mentors for guidance. It all started with an intrinsic desire to work for myself, create amazing tools (and content) and help motivate other people. I started asking myself what sort of product people would gravitate towards, find effective for thinking in their target languages and motivate them to stay on the long and difficult journey to fluency. Using the collection of unique words and phrases I had collected from my travels I started crafting my vision: A Language Mastery Journal. 

Becoming Multilingual Me

Multilingual Me's ultimate mission is to inspire others to unlock their language-learning potential and embrace the richness of our interconnected world. If you are inspired by this blog post show some love and hit that subscribe button and join our community of polyglot professionals. XOXO Sam XOXO

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